District Race Hong Kong 2020

July 3rd - September 30th

HK$160 - HK$270
Not on Sale
District Race Hong Kong 2020
About this event

Welcome to District Race Hong Kong 2020.

How it works?

Welcome to District Race Hong Kong.

Turn exercise into a game as you explore your city with the District app. Race through a map of virtual checkpoints and challenges to score points.

Buying a ticket will give you unlimited access to explore with District until 16 August. Get on the leaderboard by taking part in any of the 15 Challenges in Hong Kong. Each challenge has a number of checkpoints to collect, including Discovery quiz questions, Bodyweight Exercises and Time Trial sprints. Start at any checkpoint, and try to collect as many as you can before the 60-minute time limit expires. Complete each challenge at your own pace, at any time of the day, and complete them over and over as many times as you would like.

There will be amazing prizes from adidas for the top scorers overall. Plus, get entered to the lucky draw when you score 5,000+ points on any challenge for a chance to win a prize.

Safety is the number one priority. Respect the social distancing measures and observe traffic safety rules.

Invite your friends to compete virtually and see who can get higher on the leaderboard. District is more fun with friends, so get outside and start your challenge now.

See the FAQs for more details. Only your best score on each challenge will contribute to the overall Mission leaderboard.



透過District應用程式探索你的城市,將訓練化身成遊戲。 在每個虛擬檢查點和各項虛擬挑戰賽中獲取分數。




邀請你的朋友參加這次虛擬跑挑戰賽,看看誰能在排行榜上獲得最高的分數。District 虛擬跑與戰友一起完成會更加有趣,立即到戶外接受挑戰吧!




15 Challenges across Hong Kong
July 3rd - September 30th
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